Work as a Project Consultant

i CON Solar is one of the leading organizations in India providing services in the fields of Renewable Energy, Hydro Power, Power Transmission, Distribution of Energy, Energy Audit, Project & Quality Management Services and Capacity Building.
The experts and advisers of the organization have vast experience of working from grass root levels to various senior positions in public sector utility in the field of Design, Erection, Testing-Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, Renovation and Modernization of Power Stations. We have experienced team who has worked in mega byte National and International Companies, in the field of Capacity Building, Human Resource, Total Quality Management, Team Building Activities and Administration.

Competencies, commitment and consistency in performance is contributing to company's credibility. The trust and reputation thus built in the market is enabling the company to deepen its involvement in the core areas. The company is primarily working in the following areas-

-> Manage, supervise, and control the business of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and providing consultancy services in the      energy sector. We are specially focused in solar, hydro and biomass i.e. alternate source of renewable energy.
-> Encouraged by GoI Solar Mission to achieve 175GW by renewable energy by 2022, we are also committed to contribute in the field of solar      generation. We have specializedteam in Survey, design, installation, commissioning and O&M of solar power plants.
-> To provide the services of project management including MIS, integration of resources i.e. HR, cost, time and material.
-> Study the various types of electricity consumers, their process, and equipments for the purpose of energy conservation/energy saving, energy      audit and power factor improvement. Providing knowledge, consultancy in various fields of engineering, capacity building, skill development of all      human resources at various levels.
-> To plan, develop, erect, commission and operation and maintenance of various hydro generating plants, EHV substations and distribution      substations including preparation of DPRs for various infrastructure sectors.
-> To provide services in IT sector including software designing, development, customization etc. and providing solutions to import, export, sell,      purchase, distribute and host in data center and web designing.
-> Providing the solutions in all types of infrastructure works of engineering especially the green energy, smart townships, rain water harvesting,      waste water management etc.